Spiritual Hawaiian lomi lomi massage is a profoundly sacred experience that takes you on a journey deep within yourself to release energy blockages and  assist in raising your vibration to a higher level of love, awareness, truth & spiritual health.
The intent within the experience is to nurture the heart space within the recipient by using a combination of breath, movement and long graceful flowing strokes over and under the body that gently and lovingly releases emotional and physical disharmony.
The Hawaiian culture in its very nature is centred on unconditional love (Aloha) and it is this powerful energy that radiates throughout the session. Lomi lomi is a transformational blend of Hawaiian wisdom and massage that allows energy to flow freely throughout the body to cleanse and purify on a mind, heart, body and spirit level. It is an extremely nurturing experience that will reconnect you back to the essence of who you are.....A true gift from the spirit of Aloha !
Our Practitioners are trained by authentic Lomi Lomi Kumu ( teachers ) who have been given permission to teach the ancient way here in Australia. Therefore all aspects of Hawaiian culture and protocol are honoured and respected .



Session is 1.5 hrs minimum $120 


Lomi Lomi practitioners
Aloha Renee Lee Hallett.
Renee has been trained by Nani Kealoha Mia Snow & Aunty Tracey Ha’aoLakainãpali, Kahu  of Halau Malama Na Pua e Lima Kaiwi Mau Loa. Renee is a student of 'Halau Malama Na Pua e Lima Kaiwi Mau Loa ( Nurturing the people forever through the loving hands of the ancestors forever) she is passionate and dedicated to lomi lomi and the spirit of aloha.
Renee donates $10 from each session to Various organisations that put back into the Aloha community, its culture and inhabitants..Aloha !


Aloha Euti C.
Euti is also trained by Nani Kealoha Mia Snow and brings a wealth of Aloha to every session.


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